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07/30/13 02:05 AM #1    


Renee Futter

Welcome to the Edgewood High School Class Of 1974 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/05/14 10:08 AM #2    


Penny Stemple (Gunn)

This is a fun site!  I'm horrible at names but you add the picture and I remember so many more people.  Thanks to whoever started this site.

07/09/14 02:37 AM #3    


James Brooks


You are so right, this is a fun site. It's a shame more people don't contribute to this message forum.

07/09/14 02:39 PM #4    


Penny Stemple (Gunn)

It's so fun especially with the year book pictures.  Brings back so many memories.  Through this I was able to contact my friend Rhonda Toler whom I have missed so much throughout my life.  And I believe the site was started by Renee Fuller, three cheers for her!

07/10/14 01:01 AM #5    


James Brooks


That's great that you were able to reconnect with high school friend.

07/10/14 12:25 PM #6    


Ahna Bland (Wagnon)

I hope everyone is going to attend the 74' reunion dinner.  If you come to the picnic the next day you'll see so many people from all classes.  It's also a blast.  Come one, come all!

07/18/14 05:15 PM #7    


Michael Englebrecht

I hope to go tonight but wont know till the last minute. So see you at the door....Maybe.

But good luck and have fun!


07/21/14 08:30 AM #8    

Andria Johnson (Smith)

I hope everyone that went to the reunion had a great time! I wish I could have been able to make it...but hope to be able to see what a wonderful time I missed by everyone posting any and all pics.:) Thanks, in advance!


07/22/14 10:16 AM #9    


Renee Futter

I've posted the group photo on the home page. The photographer is on vacation for 2 weeks. When she returns I can post a link to the other photos.

08/02/14 02:52 PM #10    


Beverly Forth (Kelly)

Thank you Renee for the beautiful reunion.  Had a blast, still missing some classmates and would love to know where they are.  Anyone know what happened to Karen Gettler?

08/05/14 04:06 AM #11    


Penny Stemple (Gunn)

Beautiful job on the reunion.  Wasn't able to attend but love all the pictures.  Wish I had names for some of the faces.  Easiest to recognise; Vickie, Susan, Renee, Karen.  Still beautiful after all these years. 

06/14/16 03:08 PM #12    


Kimberly Haas (Sylwester)

Just got hooked up with this site this year.  I moved to Idaho in 1980 and have never received any reunion information.  So nice to see familiar faces and how we have all grown up.

12/22/17 06:14 PM #13    


James Brooks

Class of 74 Merry Christmas!


04/23/18 03:42 PM #14    


James Brooks

How about a show of hands from those which might attend the all class reunion.

04/24/18 12:42 PM #15    

Susan Clewley (Barkdoll)

Dear Jim, Please remind me what the date of the reunion is, again?  I know it is in June but which day?
Susan Clewley Barkdoll

04/25/18 02:55 PM #16    


James Brooks

Dear Susan, The date I have is from an email from Renee. In part it read: SAVE THE DATE! Annual All Class Picnic Saturday, July 21st - Cameron Park, West Covina. 



04/26/18 03:57 PM #17    

Susan Clewley (Barkdoll)

Thanks for the update.  I will be in town and will try to drag my buddy Terri Munroe there with me.

04/27/18 05:03 PM #18    


James Brooks

Glad I could help.

05/25/18 09:37 PM #19    

Margaret "Peggy" Northrup (Bollenbaugh)

Are there a lot of the class of '74 who attend the all class reunion?  

07/23/18 09:49 PM #20    


Valorie Wallace (Potter)

Does anyone know where Kelly Hess is living or how to get in touch with her?

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